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About Us

We invest in, develop and sell property

Argrove operated for many years as a main contractor in the construction industry, and property investment and development was a logical course to follow in later years. Throughout this time, we developed an exceptional supply chain, comprising both manual trades and professional consultants. We are clear that to maintain high quality across all of our projects, we must support our suppliers at every turn. Valuing their skills and expertise enables us to work with them to understand their needs and create opportunities for us to work together more effectively. Our suppliers are an extension of Argrove. They are pivotal to the end result, ensuring safety and consistency on every project.


We create transformation and opportunity with ambitious mixed-use developments and carry out sensitive modernisation in established landscapes. Our development vision is creative and carefully executed. We never forget the importance of working to the highest standards on each individual element of every development, creating places in which people, businesses, culture and society can thrive.

We still hold many of the values that we held when we were operating as a design and build main contractor. As property investors and developers, we recognise that we have an urgent duty to leave a resilient legacy. We employ architects who essentially control the design of buildings, and we are therefore selective when entering into contract with our design team. Argrove's approach to sustainable design considers environmental, social and economic factors. We aim to create a future that delivers social value for all.

We approach community engagement in a considered and inclusive way, ensuring that any potential disturbance caused by construction is mitigated and that we generate positive opportunities for those affected. Our community engagement activities allow our people to share knowledge, materials, resources, time and our expertise with community groups, promoting a culture of communication and transparency. Such dialogue is key to keeping relationships strong with local people, helping to ensure the legacy we leave is a positive one.

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